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How do I integrate with TD Ameritrade?
How do I integrate with TD Ameritrade?
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You can integrate with TD Ameritrade by following these steps:

  1. Go to the three dots in the upper right corner of Wealthbox

  2. Navigate to “Applications”

  3. Click on “Settings” next to “Veo |TD Ameritrade”

  4. Click on  “Enable” then “Save” in “step 1”.

  5. Click on the “Request TD Ameritrade”  button in “step 2”.  This will open an email window addressed to TD Support requesting to get started

  6. TD will reply to you with an ROI form to complete and return

  7. Advisor will need to send the completed ROI form back to TD Ameritrade

  8. TD will notify Wealthbox by sending your Rep Code(s) to our support team who will enable the integration. Within 1-2 days, data will start appearing in Wealthbox and update nightly.

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