You can auto-forward incoming emails from Gmail to Wealthbox by following these steps…

*Note, this will capture all incoming emails.

  1. Navigate to your “Dropbox email” settings in your Applications.

  2. Copy your unique “Dropbox Email” address.

  3. Add “ ” to your list of additional dropbox email addresses.

  4. Navigate to your “forwarding” settings within your Gmail account… click here… u/0/#settings/fwdandpop

  5. Within the “forwarding” section, add your unique dropbox email address to the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to…” field. Be sure to “keep a copy in your inbox.”

  6. In Wealthbox, you should receive an automatic confirmation email from Gmail with a code. Copy the code and add it to the settings in Gmail to verify the forwarding email address.

The above instructions apply to incoming emails. Regarding outbound…you can create a contact in Gmail for the unique email address so it is simple to add to the BCC line when you compose a message from Gmail. If you click the email link within Wealthbox for your contact, the unique email address is automatically added to the bcc line, but your browser needs to have Gmail as your default mail-to handler.

See also: How do I ensure my dropbox emails are sent from my Gmail account?

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