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What are “automated workflows” in Wealthbox?
What are “automated workflows” in Wealthbox?
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A workflow or “automated workflow” in Wealthbox consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of financial advisory activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that provide services and process information, typically in client engagements.

Workflows allow you to define and assign specific sequential steps or checklists for the routine processes within your office. They are set up with “templates” which allow you to create customized and editable steps for each workflow process.

You can create custom workflow templates for the standard processes (see “How do I create a workflow template?“). You can then start the workflow for specified contacts, opportunities or projects. Once the workflow has started, you can begin checking the steps off by clicking “finish”, which will activate the next step holding you and/or other users accountable for action items that need to take place.

To start a workflow in Wealthbox, see “How do I start workflows in my Wealthbox account?“

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