To export your contact data from Junxure,

  1. On your home screen, click “Records”, which will populate your records on the screen.

  2. Click the “Open column chooser” icon on the right side of the page.

  3. Select all boxes and then click save.

  4. Click “Export to Excel.” 

To export your backup from Junxure Desktop,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Database Export.

  2. Create a password that will be used to encrypt the zip file of your data. The password must be at least seven characters long.

  3. Click Export. When the export is completed you will receive a System Alert.

  4. Once the alert is received, open your alerts .

  5. Click the System Alerts tab.

  6. Click Get Link To Database Export to begin downloading your data.

To open the zip file once downloaded, you will need to enter the password you created in step 3.

Your data will require formatting before importing to Wealthbox.

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