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Can you give “tier” or “hierarchy” permissions within Wealthbox?
Can you give “tier” or “hierarchy” permissions within Wealthbox?
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Yes. You can create groups within Wealthbox to allow users to view only specified content.

For example, (of course you can label your groups how you see fit) “Tier 1” would include only your top level users who have permissions to view everything, “Tier 2” would include your tier 1 users as well as the 2nd tier users and “Tier 3” would include all users.

When you import, you will want to separate your files by permissions. In other words, all of the contacts that can be viewed by only Tier 1, would be included in one file, Tier 2 contacts would be in a single file and so forth. When you import the records into Wealthbox, you can choose the “visible to” group on the import page before clicking “Upload and Import.”

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