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How do I export my data from Redtail CRM and migrate to Wealthbox?
How do I export my data from Redtail CRM and migrate to Wealthbox?
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The migration includes the following items from the backup (please indicate in your request what types of data are required with your migration):

  • Contact details (including User Defined Fields)

  • Notes and Comments

  • Activities (our team separates and imports as tasks or events based on the type) - future occurrences of recurring activities are not imported.

  • Opportunities

  • Seminars

  • Manually tracked accounts (i.e. policies, annuities, etc)

To Export your data from Redtail’s Tailwag CRM:

1. Navigate to “Manage Your Account.”

2. Within the “Admins Only” section, click “Dropbox files and Database Backups.”

3. In the top right corner, click “Request database backup”

When the backup completes, you will see a link to the zip file appear on this same screen.

You may need to refresh the page to see the download appear.

Click to download the zip file (no need to extract/open) and upload to Wealthbox Success Team by clicking here. This form allows you to securely send your zipped backup.

Important, required step for multi-user accounts:

You will also need to send your user names and IDs from Redtail as they are not included in the backup. Click here for more details and instructions. Without completing this step or communicating with our team, if you are a multi-user firm, we will not be able to proceed with your scheduled migration until we have these user details.

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