To Export your data from Redtail’s Tailwag CRM:

1. Navigate to “Manage Your Account.”

2. Within the “Admins Only” section, click “Dropbox files and Database Backups.”

3. In the top right corner, click “Request database backup”

When the backup completes, you will see a link to the zip file appear on this same screen. Download this file and upload to Wealthbox by clicking here.

Also, the Redtail backup does not include the user's names, they only show an ID for the user. If we don't include a user's name who is also a user in Wealthbox, all the notes will appear to be added by the account owner. If you need the notes and activities to show the correct user association, you will need to provide a list of the user names and the ID that belongs to them in Redtail? To find the ID's in Redtail, you can navigate to the "User management" page and hover (don't click) over the user's name to see a URL address appear in the lower left side of your screen. The 6 digits at the end of the URL is the ID for that user. Keep in mind, if the user is not also a user in Wealthbox, as mentioned above, the notes by default will be related to the Wealthbox account owner, but we can include the user's name to the note content for reference. You can include the user name and ID's when you send your data to our migration team.

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