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How do I export my data from Daylite CRM?
How do I export my data from Daylite CRM?
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To export data from Daylite CRM:

  1. Select the appropriate view (i.e., one of People/Companies/Projects/ Opportunities/Groups/Tasks/ Appointments/Notes).

  2. Choose View > Multi-Column List. Note: You can display additional columns by right- clicking the column header and selecting the columns you wish to display. You also also re-order the columns by dragging and dropping the column header to the desired position.

  3. Select the record(s) you wish to export.

  4. Choose File > Export > Export Visible Columns and Selected Rows to File.

  5. In the sheet that opens, do the following:

  6. Enter a file name and select a location to save the file.

  7. Select CSV format to export.

  8. You can stick to the default file encoding which is Unicode (UTF8).

  9. Select the appropriate option for line endings… you should choose the line ending CRLF (Windows).

  10. Click Save.

  11. When you have your CSV file, you can then import to Wealthbox CRM.

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