To export your contacts from Less Annoying CRM, navigate to the “Export Contacts” page. Choose the option to download your data in a .CSV file format.

If you don’t see all your contacts and companies, you may need to narrow your filter by navigating to the “Find a Contact” page and then applying the filters you would like. In the upper right hand corner of the page you can click the “Export” link. The file should automatically download to your computer, but may take time depending on the size of the file.


  • All phone numbers for each contact are combined in a single cell. The email addresses are formatted in the same way. They cannot be imported into Wealthbox in this format, however, they can be extracted into individual columns using the “text to columns” function in Excel.
  • The notes are included in the contact export, but are combined in one cell. We have found where individual notes are cut off during the export. You may need to reach out to Less Annoying CRM if this happens. We have not found a way to separate the individual notes so they can be imported and displayed with the accurate timestamps in Wealthbox, however, the notes can import the text as one large note associated to each contact.

For other tips for preparing your import file, click here.

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