How do I import notes?
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Inside of the contacts page on the Import/Export panel, click on Import. You can import notes directly from a CSV or Excel file by clicking on “Import notes.”

With the mapping tool your notes file will match up and link to your imported contacts by matching either the unique record ID from your prior CRM or the internal contact ID within Wealthbox. (the image below is an example of a contact record and where you can find the internal record ID from Wealthbox)

Below are the fields you can map to import the details of your note and ensure the note will be linked to the contact. Keep in mind you only need one ID, the internal Wealthbox ID OR the External ID which would have been imported when you migrated from another CRM.

You also need only one user association (the users name, or login email) to apply the correct creator of the note.

Internal Contact ID (the Wealthbox ID)

External contact id

Note content

Date note created (formatted "mm/dd/yyyy" - must be 4 digit year) - without adding a date, by default the import date will be applied as the created date for the note.

Note created by (user's first and last name as it is formatted in Wealthbox)

Note creator email

Notes Tags (separate by comma or create separate columns labeled as "Tags")

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